Natural Hair Care and Knowing Your Child

I like to write about family dynamics. In my own self-love journey, I’ve committed to unravel my own complex and confusing childhood, and I’m doing it now piece by piece. In addition to my spiritual walk, my natural hair and skin care journey plays an important role in my parenting time.

So here’s a new take I’ve gotten on my job as a parent now.  It has always amazed me how different my children are and how much work it is to keep up with the different personalities they have.  In my earlier parenting days, their differences really frustrated me.  New parents we think we have much more control over our families than we actually do.

Once I stopped trying to make my children be what I wanted them to be, and accepted the idea that they belong to God and have been given to me for a reason – I began to look at my family differently.  Here’s a few quick things that helped me gain a refreshing perspective on my job as a mother:

1)  My job is to cover them with love, show them grace, and protect them and provide for their needs;

2)  I am a work in progress, and I can be human, yet still an age appropriate example for them;

2)  If I don’t take care of myself well, I cannot take care of them well;

3)  They have their own path and purpose that they are accountable for and I expect amazing things from them

Once I let go of the overwhelming need to control who they are and what they will do, I found out some amazing things about my children, some of which you will learn on this blog, and see in videos too.

Pan to my youngest daughter who I’ve noticed is motivated very differently than the others. She’s an awesome athlete, A+ student and amazingly creative talent.  That’s all good, but she is also never on time for anything, when she does get there her hair is not done, her clothes are not together and she looks like she just crawled out of or from underneath the bed.  Of course, in the competitive world of parenting, this makes me look bad! 

I used to get mad and argue with her and try to force her to look a certain way…all leading to bad feelings and frustration.  I’d get frustrated because first, I’m not the nagging type, I don’t like fighting in my home and I’m the lemonade out of lemons type of chick.  So here is her very own hair video (it’s a miracle that she even completed it):

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The best part about this combo is not only the amazing before and after results  or the amazing heaven-on-earth smell, but for me, what is so awesome is that I can have these results without using parabens or harsh chemicals on my skin.  The golden ingredient is a combination of unique Dead Sea minerals which if you aren’t up on the dead sea movement, you’ve got to get up on it.  Let’s put it like this….Loreal is up on it because they are our manufacturers and partners in this business.

Really there’s a beautiful story behind our partnership with Loreal, I can tell you more about it later but for now  – you must know that some things you just have to experience in order to appreciate its true value and with the integrity and guarantee of the company, there really is not a risk to trying any of the products.

The incredible part is that it has the healing minerals from the Dead Sea along with the amazing technology of our manufacturers to give you the most kissable, huggable and loving skin in the world.

I’m excited about these products not only because of the changes I’ve personally seen in the lives of people who suffered from embarrassing skin irritations, acne, rashes or low self-confidence, but because of the integrity and honesty of the people who use and work with these products. There are so many testimonials and before and after pictures from these products – I even have my own to post see my new face book page and more coming soon!

Two important things to note:

1)      I am offering this product because I really want people to see the amazing results of so many people.  Even though this product is fairly new to this market; the impact it is making is profound and undeniable.

2)   I’m partnering with this product because of the quality of the products and the leadership of the company.  The founders of Seacret is a humble family with very modest values.  They are truly successful, but they are not flashing big houses or expensive cars to lead you in, as a matter of fact – the owners encourage partners to be thrifty and wise in your spending.

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lady soaking in sea

What Do You Expect?

I’ve learned that expectation is a powerful thing. You expect things that you want and you can expect things that you don’t want.

When you meet a new person what do you expect? When you get home from work, what do you expect? When you check your mail, what do you expect? What do you expect bitterness or joy?

When I used to have negative interactions with my ex-husband, I came into the deal with negative expectations, and boy, oh boy were they fulfilled!


Expectation is a focus with a cool vibe that permits the receiving of what you are focused on.

This is worth repeating:

Expectation is a focus with a cool vibe that permits the receiving of what you are focused on. 

Once I found this out – it completely changed all of my relationships. Even the one that was the main thorn in my side, my co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband. My ex-husband is no longer the raging, angry, bitter pill I was forced to take every day  ( several times a day) for children’s well-being.

Here are some other helpful tips that took me from pity, despair and blame to joy, appreciation and intrigue:

1)      Relationships are eternal, we experience people and events as part of the journey we needed to go through at the time

2)      Arguing with someone (even when you are right) only gets you angrier and never resolves the issue

3)      Your happiness has nothing to do with your man, your ex, your mom, dad or anyone else

4)      Your issues are deeper than you think. The deeper you go, the healthier you will be

5)      No one is perfect so don’t aim for perfect – aim for balance

6)      Even the most outrageous violations can be overcome, nothing is final

7)      Every day presents a new opportunity for you to get it right – start with a new perspective tomorrow

8)      Your competition is with the person you were yesterday – be better than her/him

These tips are great ways to get you on a path of powerful change and that change happens when you start with a new expectation. Start with YOURSELF.

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Stay In Joy!


The Dead Sea Gives Life!!! [VIDEO]

The therapeutic effects of bathing in the Dead Sea were well-known even in times of antiquity. The empress Cleopatra, was an ardent user of Dead Sea beauty minerals she was given title to the entire region by Mark Anthony after he conquered it. Talk about sex appeal :)

Now you can experience the benefits of the dead sea in your own home.

I cannot tell you in one blog post (but I sense a series coming on) how much my skin and life have changed since I’ve started using these products. It really does give me life!

For now,  you can get a glimpse on how I get down in this video here:

People come from all over the world to experience the powerful healing benefits of the Dead Sea.

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5 Best Ways to Heal After A Break-Up

This post answers the many face book inbox messages, group conversations and general comments I read in just about every social media site I visit. For every person I didn’t get a chance to have a personal conversation with, and for those who I have – this is what I would tell you over and over again.  This is the absolute basics of “getting over it”.  There’s more to do here in order to heal, but today, I’m starting with these basics and then we can continue the discussion later.

5 Best Ways to Heal After a Break-Up is written for the broken-hearted person who needs a boost on their healing journey.

Let’s get right into it:

  1. Change Up Your Routine A Bit: If you had a routine with your ex that filled with memories that bring you back in time and brings about that heavy, low mourning of what was. STOP! Get back into the present moment and then decide to do a different thing. Go to a different place at least until you are healthy enough to be where you are and not pull up regrets from the past.
  2. Set a New Goal: Get yourself back on track to achieve a goal that you had put on hold for the relationship. For me it was to get my degree and it was so powerful in boosting my own self-worth that I was blown away. Not only was it a victory for me, but for my grandmother and all the other women in my family who didn’t get a chance to go to college. The best part is, this goal also ricocheted into other goals that resulted in my love for the smoothie lifestyle and it also birthed this very blog, new career paths and has impacted even my ex-husband in profound ways – which I’ll tell you about that later ;). Take a smoothie journey, tackle that weight loss goal, start a blog, write a bookThere is momentum behind positive goals!
  3. Resolve to Deal and Heal: Too many people try to jump into another relationship after a break up. This is either out of keeping a routine, addiction or getting revenge. None of which these serve you well. I blogged about a recent bad example of rebounding before healing here. Make a decision to go all the way through your own healing process before getting someone else in your mix again. Learn from your mistakes, and take the time to know yourself so you can pick a better, more compatible mate.
  4. Get a New Playlist: The healing power of music is undeniable. I use music as a motivator almost every day. I use music to calm me when I’m stressed, clean my home and make it peaceful and give me Especially on the days that I need to adjust my focus. I even have a hater playlist. Here’s an example of a self-esteem boosting song I added to my playlist after dealing with an especially degrading situation. If you are old school, then get your Frankie Beverly, Phil Perry, America and Chaka Khan on. For the new schoolers, I use Goapele, Jill Scott, Amiel Leruiex Whatever your musical tastes.
  5. Don’ t Abandon Yourself:This is the BIGGY. Most experts say that the reason heartache lingerslove your self ink and you can’t seem to get over it, is that you’ve really abandoned yourself. This happens especially if you were deeply In love, were cheated on, lied to or betrayed. We have a tendency to copy the behavior of our ex toward are own selves. This is a miserable and stressful way to live and even worse, it prolongs the pain and agony of the break up by reinforcing all of the negative things that you don’t like about yourself. This is why I insist on starting your own SELF-LOVE JOURNEY ASAP.

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