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ID-100121768Get Ready for the 2014 Winter Beauty Challenge with SMOOTH BEAUTY TV Featuring…

The Best Smoothie/Juicing Tutorials for the Inside


The Best of Natural Skin Care Products for the Outside

  1. Drink at least One Smoothie Per Day: Our recipes and tips will help you find the right ingredients.
  2. Commit to a Clean Skin Regime Using Natural Products: I will share some of our routines and make recommendations from the many products I’ve tried, but the most important part of this challenge is that the products are natural, paraben-free and effective for your skin needs.
  3. Commit to a Consistent Exercise Program: Working out at least every other day with a combination of cardio and weight bearing exercises. I will share my routine which always includes squats, crunches and stretching.
  4. Drink at least 80 ounces of Water per Day: H2O is crucial, you already know this.  Just commit to it for this challenge and see what difference it makes.
  5. Take and Share Photos: Each week that you complete the Clean Face Challenge, post a picture of on our Facebook page. Let me know how your skin changes over time and if the challenge works for you. I’d like to post your stories on the Gorgeous Blog over the next three months.

More details and resources to come, sign up to get more information.